Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gold is the new Bubble- Futures and price

Is Gold the new Bubble??

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  1. Funny...I was just thinking the same thing!

  2. This is from my friend Hamid Mernissi who sent this to me. Though I don't fully agree, I want this viewpoint explored--
    "There is a saying in Arabic> Returning to the origins is original. In other words going back to the basics and fundamentals is original. In your webs site you spoke about something very interesting and truly fundamental. (intrinsic value) I will add this could exist only in tangibles. Gold has always being through our human history the richometer of wealth and good investment. is going to change? No! it is a fundamental based on a tangible reality. Gold is Gold! the equivalent of it is Dirt. So invest in Gold and in dirt. I mean buy land. Your investment will never spoil. You own Gold you are rich. You won land you are wealthy. Long term short term investment."

  3. Another emailed opinion--
    I still think gold at the moment is cheap. Of course you have to take it as a long term invest.

    You compare goold with other goods in your basket but you forgot that gold is a limited good, but eggs or milk, stamps are not.
    There is no much gold underground.
    Also as you're writing about US debts, yes price of goold increase because of printing new money and what I think is or America will keep printing money (which means gold prices will keep going up) or America will go bankrupt in 2012 which means still the same for the gold prices.
    Anyway not selling my gold at the moment, I'm waiting till it will hit the price of 2,250$ but it will go even up to 2,500$.